So, you are asking “Why should I book with a Travel Advisor when I can do it myself?”

  • SELF BOKING DIRECTLY WITH TRAVEL SUPPLIER or OTA (Online Travel Agency) – Fine if you know what you want and don’t mind dealing with inexperienced or unqualified customer service agents should something go wrong

To them you are one in a million. To us you are Everything!

  • BOOK WITH A QUALIFIED TRAVEL ADVISORExperienced, Trained and Certified!

I will handle every detail and aspect of your Trip; from the Day you leave the House to follow up at the End of your Trip. I do all the work so you don’t have to. Planning a Trip can be time consuming and overwhelming, so don’t be shy to hand this task over to Me – your Qualified Travel Advisor.

Is it going to be more expensive to book through you?

NO. Travel Agents have access to great rates and extras. As an Added Service, I’ll regularly check for any new discounts that may be available to apply to your trip so you can make sure you are getting the Best Value. You won’t get that service if booking direct.

What Services do you provide?

I will help you PLAN, BOOK and MANAGE any type of Travel or Vacation. Is your Payment Date coming up? Do you need Packing List? Did you want to surprise your Partner with chocolate covered strawberries and Champagne? No Problem

Can you Book my Flights?

I only Book Flights if it is part of a Package. I do not Book ‘Flights only’

How can I trust you with my Money?

I will NEVER directly handle your money. I only book directly with legitimate industry Suppliers.

I just booked a Trip/Cruise on my own. Can you still help me?

If you recently booked your trip, especially a Cruise – Absolutely – I encourage it! Most Cruise Lines allow for Bookings to be transferred to a Travel Ageent up to 30 days after booking.

You will receive $25 - $100 onboard credit for any Cruise Travel, depending on the length and cost of the cruise, and receive the benefit of my knowledge and expertise. You can also depend on prompt answers to all your questions and assistance when you need it!

Contact me with your Reservation Number to see if you are eligible.

I love to plan my own Trips; can I book with you but do all the Planning myself?

Definitely! I love planning too so I get it. Book with me and we can do us much or as little as you’d like. You’ll get the benefit of having me as a resource in case any issues arise, but you keep the reins. 

Please be aware that I will only be able to assist if issues arise during your vacation with components that I have actually booked.

Do you offer travel insurance? 

Yes, not only do I offer travel insurance, but I highly recommended it. A vacation is a big investment, and you should expect the unexpected. Why chance losing your hard-earned money in the event you become ill or an emergency forces you to cancel your trip. Insurance will reimburse you for non-refundable trip costs. A quote for insurance will be provided before you make your initial trip deposit.

Get a Quote Now: https://partner.roamright.com/?agencycode=OutsideAgents&agentid=MKrause

I am ready to start planning a vacation. Where do we begin?

In order to begin researching your options, I require the following:

Once I have these items, I will provide up to 3 quotes for your trip, and when you have decided on an option, a final quote with trip,  payment and deposit details will be emailed to you for your review. If the quote meets with your satisfaction, the required deposit will be made at that time.



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